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In August 2014 Iwo Sobolewski had his 4th birthday. Unfortunately, in May 2014 Iwo was diagnosed with a childhood cancer - neuroblastoma stage IV with an unfavourable prognosis. Iwo is being treated in hospital in Wroclaw, Poland. He has undergone a couple of cycles of chemotherapy. Currently, Iwo is waiting for a bone marrow autotransplant, radiotherapy and chemo support. And that ends the treatment in Poland. However, in other European countries children are still subjected to antiGD2 antibody-based therapy. This is an experimental therapy but also an opportunity to complete the treatment and a full recovery. Unfortunately it is not available in Poland. The cost of such a therapy varies from 80 000 to 150 000 euros This is an enormous amount of money and beyond reach for Iwo's parents. That's why we ask you for help, for payments to the Iwo's account , which is given below. Also please share the info about Iwo.

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Iwo's account:
43 1160 2202 0000 0001 1862 8023
Swift BIGBPLPWXXX (last three x only if there is a place for it) 

Iban PL + 26 numbers of an account
title: Iwo Sobolewski

Thank you for every help 

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